Monday, February 25, 2013

Angry black woman

Am I wrong for feeling angry
Am I wrong to just accept my condition
Am I wrong for hating the system
The system that has never helped my people
Am I wrong for not dressing up and not wanting to fit this fucking American standards
Am I wrong for not wearing heels
Am I wrong for loving hip hop and being a tomboy
I am the new generation of rebels
the new generation
Generation Y is what they call me
Maybe im an angry black woman should I accept my condition?
Should I be happy to live in poverty?
Is that ok?
Its never been ok
To me it will never be ok
Poverty is the new form of slavery
And poverty has never been cool
Am I wrong for feeling angry?
No medical
Living in a shack
Am I wrong for being uncomfortable with my environment?
Am I wrong for feeling angry?

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