Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crack era during the 80's

White Lady
a street name for cocaine
wants my son
wants my niece
wants Josie's daughter
holds them hard
and close as slavery
what will it cost
to keep our children
what will it cost
to buy them back
White lady
says i want you
let me be your lover
run me through your
feel me smell me taste me
love me
nobody understands you like
white lady
white lady
you have chained our sons
in the basement
of the big house
white lady
you have walked our daughters
out into the streets
white lady
what do we have to pay
to repossess our children
white lady
what do we have to owe
to own our own at

Lucille Clifton

This illusion of crack. When a people don't have a type of guidance they turned to something. I heard a black man on the bus talking to someone else about the condition of black people. He said that black people in this country don't have an identity or a nationality. People turn to something to give them an identity or to give them something. It was the perfect time to break up the unity of black people. I don't know when crack was first made or when it came to South Central, but whoever brought it in knew that it would effect the neighborhood in some kind of way.

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